About Us

About JRbrandCo
Thank you for visiting JRbrandCo.

We are owned and managed by Robinson Kingsley Investment Strategies Inc.

JRbrandCo is focused on expressing your power; empowerment and growth. We provide only the best quality products on our store to help you live your best life!

Our Mission
At JRbrandCo our mission is simple : - Live Intentionally! #Justbe!

Our Values
A positive mindset leads to overall wholesome good energy. JRbrandCo helps you enhance your personal growth with products that inspire and uplift. Positivity and good mental health are key to a long and happy life. 

Our Founder
JRbrandCo is the vision of Jeevan A. Robinson, Founder & CEO of our parent company Robinson Kingsley Investment Strategies Inc. 

For many years Robinson has been sharing his views on the advancement of the human condition via social media; often expressing thoughts or giving uplifting words of inspiration. His goal has always been to inspire and motivate even one person to be their best and push forward.

Realising that in this ever-increasing world of negativity being manifested in various forms, Robinson thought of a solution to inject something positive into the way we interact and live. Thus, under the banner of RKI StrategiesICT, Innovation & Digitisation section, JRbrandCo was developed as one solution to push back against a barrage of negative energies within the world today.